Gift Guide 2022: 50+ Best Gifts for Wellness Minded Mamas

Looking for the perfect present? We've got unique and thoughtful gifts for the conscious mama in your life.

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11 Jan 2022
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By Natalie Headdings
Nov. 22

It’s not always easy to think of what to get someone as a gift. When it comes to wellness minded new or expectant moms, it can feel almost impossible to nail the perfect present. I mean, what do you get the woman who has everything (that is everything she needs anyway) when it comes to keeping a baby and mama healthy? I’m going to give you a few ideas for the perfect gift—gifts that will help your favorite mama tackle her new season a little more easily, and feel empowered in the process.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links included are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you choose to purchase through the link. These are only products I stand behind, and I will not recommend something that I have not verified or personally tested.

Body Products

Motherlove Nipple Cream - $10.96 with my code

If you’re looking to pamper the mama in your life, choose something nourishing and practical from MotherLove. Their products are clean and you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin or your baby’s skin with them.

Save 15% on your next order when you use my code!


Ancient Minerals Magnesium Spray - $18

Pregnancy can be a time of leg cramps and magnesium bath salts and/or a magnesium spray can help tremendously! This is my favorite brand that I use myself and have had many clients swear by.

Araza Makeup

Makeup is something that can bring so much confidence, but oftentimes the ingredients are gasp-worthy. I love Azara's makeup options because they are actually healthy for your skin and leave it better than before! You can trust the ingredients, and I love that. Use my code for 15% off your order.


Alevia Body Cleanse - $19.99

You may have sensed that I am extremely picky about what I put on my skin. It is our biggest absorbent organ, after all. If you’re looking to put together a bath/spa kit, adding an Alevia body cleanse would be the perfect choice. Their products are prebiotic so they actually encourage the good bacteria to keep your skin clean and healthy. They even have a fun cranberry scent for Christmas time.

Sola Skincare Rose Hydrosol & Balance Face Oil - Sample size $10

The only other products I use on my skin are the rose hydrosol and face oil from Sola Skincare. Made in small batches and with Chinese herbs, I have never once broken out or flared up from these products! If the mama in your life has sensitive skin or just loves to use clean and simple products, Sola is a precious gift!

Frida's Bitty Bundle of Joy Toolkit - $49.99

I love this kit because it features some essentials for taking care of baby as well as the famous upside down peri bottle for mom. It’s all my favorite Frida products in one convenient package!

Food Products

LMNT Electrolytes - $45 for a box of 30

The best electrolyte drink that comes in so many flavors, with all the good salt and none of the dyes or sugar. Use my link to get a free sample pack with your order! My favorite flavors are raspberry and mint chocolate (this one with hot water!)

YETI Rambler with Spill-Proof Lid - $25

The best coffee cup that keeps your drink hot throughout the day and is spill proof.

King Arthur Baking Goods

If you’re buying for someone who likes baking, why not give them something that will elevate their baking experience with something from King Arthur baking? They also have their own inspiring holiday gift guide.

Some of my favorites:

Grass-fed and Pasture-Raised Meats

A package or subscription for quality grass-fed meat from a company you can trust! They ship overnight in a cooler with dry ice and it gets to Alaska in a day. I have ordered liver, roasts, ribs,  steak, and even butter from them and have loved everything I’ve purchased so far.

Motherbees Meals

The author of The First Forty Days has created a program (Motherbees Meals) where you can sign up for pre-made nourishing meals to be delivered to you door! This would be an incredible gift for someone who is about to or has just given birth.

Lono Life Packets (Bone Broth) - $35 for pack of 24

Bone broth packets would be a fun stocking stuffer! Having an option for some protein and collagen on the go in the form of powdered bone broth is a lifesaver! It’s also just nice if you’re cold during the day and need a warm drink that’s not caffeine. Lono Life is my favorite brand of bone broth, and the keto chicken broth tastes amazing. You can also use it in a pinch in recipes if you don’t have any liquid broth on hand:

Perfect Supplements - $23.95 for bottle of beef liver caps

Now, supplements aren’t usually on people’s wish lists, but once you try Perfect Supplements products, they might change your perspective. I love their beef liver supplement and have been taking it for the last few months and can notice an improvement in my energy levels! It’s a coveted item and sells out often, but if you can get your hands on it, it would also make for a great stocking stuffer. They also have powdered gelatin for all the gummies you make!

Local Handmade Coffee Mugs

One of my very favorite items to gift to people is a beautiful handmade mug, and I don’t have a link on purpose because I love to encourage you to seek out a local artist who pours their love into making beautiful mugs. Shop small and local whenever you can!

Clothing & Accessories

Bellies Inc AB System - $145.80 with my code!

The Bellies Inc AB system is an incredible gift for the pregnant mama on your list. It’s pretty much like giving her a hug that supports her throughout her postpartum recovery! If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about it. It’s one of a kind, and the flexibility and adjustability of it really sets it apart from other postpartum wraps.

Get 10% off your order when you use my code below!


Minimal Shoes

For the mama who wants to transition to minimal footwear but doesn’t want to spend the money on herself, a new pair of shoes (after specifically measuring her feet!) would be a gift that keeps giving for years.

  • You can get 25% off at Vivobarefoot, a stylish all-around brand with trendy and modern selections. Perfect for if you are new to minimal footwear.
  • Giving someone a pair of Earth Runners (the only sandals I will wear) is basically just saying “I love you so much.”
  • Check out Anya’s Reviews for detailed reviewsall the holiday sales from barefoot and minimal shoe brands here‍

Willow Pump

Need to give the gift of freedom to a breastfeeding/pumping mama? Willow Pump is an amazing gift: (A fair note from my IBCLC friend - wearable pumps will not be efficient enough if you’re exclusively pumping and working full time and need a solution for pumping at work. You’re better off getting a traditional pump for that scenario.)

Haakaa Feeding Accessories

If you need a passive milk-catching option, or other baby feeding accessories, choose Haaka

Silverette Nursing Cups

Silverette silver nipple cups allow moms to avoid the hassle of nipple creams and balms. They use the soothing properties of silver to help heal sore and cracked nipples.

Carly Jean Los Angeles

If there’s anything that a new mom might need to feel confident and empowered, it’s new clothes. I’m a fan of the capsule wardrobe and making sure to keep my clothes for a long time, and Carly Jean Los Angeles provides the perfect outfits to do just that. They are designed with pregnancy and postpartum in mind, and are confidence-boosting from the moment you put them on! I love everything I’ve purchased from CJLA.

Using my link will get you $5 off!

Sweet Babe Clothing for Kids and Headbands for Moms!

Mom hair is a real thing, and headbands provide the perfect combo of keeping it out of your face, hiding anything you haven’t washed in a while, and pulling your outfit together. I love my handmade headbands from Sweet Babe Clothing (she’s my cousin!) and she’s given me a discount code for all of you, as well as offering a Black Friday sale! She has the cutest baby clothes and accessories!

Use my link and enjoy 10% off your next order.


Pact Clothing

Pact Clothing is another staple brand in my closet. They prioritize saving water, making clothing with organic cotton, and I find the clothes are cute and not overly expensive like some organic brands. They have clothes for the entire family!

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is my top recommendation for nursing bras and tanks and loungewear! I have their joggers and a pair of their bamboo shorts, and I live in those. They have lots of deals going on right now, and provide incredibly inclusive sizing, so now is a great time to try them out!

Use my code below to enjoy 15% off your next order!


Irie The Collection - Classic Bra $35

Irie The Collection has quickly become one of my absolute favorites for underwear and bras. They’re small-batch dyed and made by a mama, and I would live in Irie every day if I could.

Honoring Motherhood - Breastmilk Jewelry

Breastmilk jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate a nursing journey, no matter how long or short, and to preserve the work your body did to nourish a new human. Every order is custom, and gift card options are available as well at Honoring Motherhood.

Human Shaped Socks

Am I crazy or are socks the best gift ever? If you’ve got a wellness-conscious mama on your list, she will love receiving anatomically correct socks, to allow space for her toes to spread! Read Anya's article on the best brands and types.

Baby Carriers

Wearing your baby is a beautiful way to bond, give you free hands, keep them safe, help them sleep, develop a better breastfeeding relationship, and keeps you close! There are so many benefits, and so many carriers to choose from. I recommend watching Cassidy’s videos to find out which one might be best for you if you’re torn between multiple.

TULA Carriers

The TULA carriers are a great option for a soft, structured carrier, and they have bigger options for toddlers as well.

Wildbird Ring Slings

Wildbird ring slings are the most aesthetic carriers I’ve seen, and they just released a structured carrier that has everyone raving.

Baby K'tan

I’m a fan of the Baby K’tan stretchy wrap because it’s two loops of fabric that are easy to use, and you don’t have to learn to tie them like other stretchy wraps. You can just stick baby in there and be cozy in a jiffy.

Solly Baby

If you’re looking for a stretchy wrap that you can tie, I love the Solly baby.

Digital Gifts

The Mental Push Plan (Downloadable Workbook Guide) - $42.30 with Natalie's code

The Mental Push Plan is a way that an expecting mama can map out what mental tactics work best for her, so she’s incredibly prepared for labor and birth, and that early postpartum. Use my code below for 10% off any of their products.


Infant Sleep Foundations (Online Course) - $195

In her course, Taylor Kulik shares an approach that helps parents feel equipped and incredibly confident in their ability to parent in regards to sleeping babies. Taylor provides a holistic approach, giving evidence, and encouragement on safe bed sharing, co-sleeping, and following your baby’s natural and physiological sleep needs without sleep training.

Expectful Membership (App) - $8.99/month

Giving a subscription to a meditation app, specifically for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood is a sweet gift that shows how much you care about her mental health! Expectful is one of my favorites.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit - $75

Cleaning products aren’t always the best gift because sometimes it can be misconstrued as, “you need to clean more!” But, I’m including Branch Basics on this list because it’s really more of a lifestyle gift and I’m trusting you to use your best judgment - whether or not the person your shopping for will enjoy this gift or not. Changing all cleaning products to something that’s non-toxic really elevates your home to a different level. I switched probably about 3.5 years ago now, and haven’t looked back. I can’t say enough good things about this company. It’s one concentrate that you mix in different ratios for each solution - all purpose, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and laundry detergent! They have the oxygen boost powder as well, that is basically magic for removing stains and cleaning the hardest things to clean, like the cover of the fan above the stove! And no harsh chemicals required. I love that I know this cleaner is tough enough on bathroom grime but gentle enough to use on produce and my hands! If you're feeling fancy, they have the glass bottles now too!

The Foot Collective Balance Class Maple 4-foot Beam - $82

A playful gift that the entire family can enjoy and benefit from is a Foot Collective balance beam! I love mine, and anytime someone comes over, they’re automatically drawn to try to balance on it! It’s one way we’ve made our home more movement-friendly.

TFC Foot Restoration Kit - $22

Maybe if you gift a pair of minimal shoes, you want to pair them with a TFC foot restoration kit, which includes toe spreaders and a lacrosse ball for rolling out those feet to help rewild your feet! What a great stocking stuffer!

Acupressure Mat

An acupressure mat can be so beneficial for helping with sleep, reducing pain, and providing more blood flow to the back and belly! I love mine.

Meditation Bolster Pillow - $27

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly shifting from sitting on the barstool to the couch to the floor to standing. Having a small meditation pillow on the ground not only helps support my hips while I’m on the floor, but allows me to stay on the ground for longer. I even sit on it while I’m working! It’s an asset to any home, in my opinion, and gives people another option than the couch for sitting when they come over. Another movement-friendly home tip.

Foot Texture Mats - $57.97

Speaking of making your home more movement friendly, having different textures for your rewilding feet is always a plus! These are fun mats you can use to stand on, or put your feet on while sitting at a desk for extra Vitamin T (texture) which helps you connect to your feet and surroundings in a new way, in addition to providing more range of motion for all those 33 joints in each foot!


Motherbees Books for Every Stage

If you’re buying for a wellness-conscious mama, she would sure love to receive any of the Motherbees books that apply to her! They are beautiful books with pictures and ancient wisdom filling each page.

Lily Nichols' Real Food for Pregnancy - $9.99 on Kindle

My number one recommendation for a pregnancy (and actually pre-conception!) book is Lily Nichols’ Real Food for Pregnancy.

Kindle Paperwhite - $94.99

Another incredible gift for a mama who wants to read but is cosleeping or has a baby right next to her is a Kindle with a backlight. I think having a kindle has helped me read WAY more books than I used to, just because it’s so small and holds so many books. It doesn’t have the distracting notifications of your phone, and provides its own light so you don’t wake up the baby.

Experience Gifts

Gift Cards

It’s not always easy to think of what to get someone as a gift. When it comes to wellness minded new or expectant moms, it can feel almost impossible to nail the perfect present.

  • Food delivery because everyone needs a break from cooking once in a while.
  • Home cleaning services, either as a one-time thing or a package. Make sure the company uses non-toxic cleaning products if giving to someone who keeps a safe home.
  • Spa service or spa day at her favorite spa with her partner, friends, or just solo.
  • Contribute to a doula fund for birth, postpartum, or both!
  • Float tank experience for magical, total relaxation.

Helping with Meals

Provide a certificate or offer to help make freezer meals for postpartum recovery! This gift in my opinion, is much more valuable and meaningful than a new outfit for the baby. Check out my list of favorite recipes and freezing tips.

In the same vein, you could also offer to set up a meal train with all the correct food preferences and sensitivities to take one more thing off her list of to-dos.

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